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The Challenge

I met Preet Sohi in the summer of 2018. She already had a project in the works, but needed a new perspective. Preet's website was intended to serve two purposes. She had a mobile application in production and she also provided staffing services. The primary focal point of her business model rests on the mobile app which is geared toward helping women find roles in tech. However, her website conveyed a message to the user that she was only a staffing company. My role was to re-brand the landing page and beta IOS profile screen to fit the mold of a true SaaS startup with clear calls-to-action. I was up for the task.

Let's make a change.

website screenshot of Kim Weed

My Approach

I kicked things off with a one-on-one connect with Preet. It was clear the messaging that she wanted to send to her users, but she didn't know how. It became evident that I needed to conduct user and competitive research in our first meeting.

My research yielded positive results. I concluded that her application had a strong competitive advantage not only in the Seattle market, but the national one as well. This was great news. As I continued my research, I determined three user personas.

The first and most important user was the individual client looking for a job. Since Preet's focus was in tech, this user was mostly young, college age students between the ages of 18-25. With this in mind, I knew the landing page messaging was crucial, from the color we chose, to how many words we displayed in the HTML. The trends tell us that bright and fun calls-to-action with 3D screen shots are in, so I obliged.

The second user was going to be the "partner" user, technology companies mostly. They would be the ones that would provide the job postings and create business profiles on the mobile app. The theme was closely aligned to the individual user since the app is still in production, there was not a need for a separate call-to-action form, we wanted to keep it simple and clean.

The third user was the investor. Now this one was tricky and we did not fully address their needs for a variety of reasons. There is no separate page for them or form to fill out. Our main purpose was to collect interested end users and then present to select investors for a seed round. So for now we decided to let this one be.

Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.


“I am passionate about people and I help them become successful."


Visual Identity

When considering what color elements to apply to the home page, I really wanted to stick with what I knew. I love how SaaS companies appeal to the user with bright color, but I didn't want to overdo it. I liked that the main color was pink, but it wasn't bright enough. So I lightened it a few shades making it stand out. I also added an accent grey.

Pink touches my soul like no other color can.

PHOTO CREDIT 99designs.com


The website was already running on a CMS called Squarespace and I didn't need to do much coding except for adding some SVG content like the background-image on the footer and social icons. Integrating tools like Hotjar, Drift, and Heap are super easy to do.The reason I love using Hotjar is because of their intuitive dashboard and heat maps. generated the script in Hotjar and injected it into the header of the site. Here is an example below.


Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.